Associate Engineer Programs support Mayor Bill de Blasio’s commitment to secure 100,000 good-paying jobs for New Yorkers. With a focus on hiring local talent for full time technical roles, Associate Engineer Programs provide a pathway for companies to surface and cultivate high potential talent through mentorship and technical expertise, while growing their business with local tech talent from across the five boroughs.

Building off learnings from pioneering partners the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline is working with NYC businesses to scale industry-driven on-ramps through Associate Engineer Programs, providing additional resources including talent recruitment, shared best practices and advisory services for new partners. 

Learn more about companies that have implemented similar models here. 

The NYC Tech Talent Pipeline offers a number of supportive resources and supports to companies that implement these programs including: 

  • Tech Recruitment Team - The NYC Tech Talent Pipeline’s Tech Talent Team is a team of industry professionals that work directly with NYC businesses to source and screen local talent for entry level roles as web and mobile developers.
  • Best Practices and feedback from pioneering companies that include model overview including time commitment and internal resources needed to implement. 
  • Peer Connection from companies that have piloted Associated Engineer programs including tech leads and mentors that are working to continue to build and iterate off initial processes are available for feedback and insights to new companies.
  • Amplification of company involvement through the TTP platforms including press, events and other opportunities with TTP and City leadership.

 Companies interested in launching Associate Engineer Programs commit to: 

  • Develop a model that provides introductory experiences for new talent including opportunities to receive mentorship from senior engineers, learn new and emerging trends, and work on a team to deliver a project. 
  • Review qualified candidates from all backgrounds including bootcamp grads and college students. 
  • Surface learnings and provide feedback on candidates and overall model implementation.

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