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Tech Talent Team

A first-of-its kind initiative designed by the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline, industry partners, and the City’s $500 million workforce system, the Tech Talent Team is a team of engineers and career developers that work together to validate the tech skills of New Yorkers, deliver curated content to talent with high potential and connect them with NYC businesses interested in local talent.

The inaugural team worked with NYC businesses to build the TTP Skills Verification Tool which consists of a series of technical and nontechnical prompts used to validate how prepared New Yorkers are for open roles in the field.

What have we done to date?

Last year, the inaugural team screened over 400 candidates and connected them to jobs at companies like Viacom, Spotify, Betterment, and DoSomething. This year, we’re partnering with more companies to fill full-time open roles and recruit talent for on-ramps including internships and Associate Engineer Programs.

Who’s the ideal candidate? 
We’re looking for candidates who are passionate about working with emerging talent, can help companies identify alternate routes to finding local talent and help us curate content that will make them stronger candidates. If you’re excited by the thought of working for an organization that sees 100,000+ candidates a year; if you are driven to constantly improve processes and tools; and if you care about helping businesses and people thrive - this job is for you.

The engineer should have a strong engineering background including experience working on a tech team and knowledge of at least one programming language. The recruiter should have experience working with talent, ideally as a recruiter for a tech company, and liaising with businesses. The team will work together and have access to TTP’s network of over 225 industry professionals to provide input and additional expertise.

Engineering hiring manager

 An engineer that has experience working with a number of companies, has interviewed, mentored or hired talent and can work with candidates to help build their skills would make a great fit in the Engineering Manager role. The Engineering Manager will

  • screen candidates and identify the best work environment based on their skills
  • work with a wide variety of NYC tech employers to identify needs and refine assessments of candidates
  • identify common gaps and help candidates bolster their skills by designing and offering workshops
  • provide feedback to NYC’s tech training and education providers about candidates' strengths and gaps

technical recruiter 

A tech recruiter with expertise in career development, recruiting or business development would do well in the Tech Recruiter position.  The Tech Recruiter will

  • interview candidates to determine best fit for open roles
  • review resumes and provide feedback to help tailor candidates' experiences to align with requested expertise
  • work with employers and HR reps to identify key skills needed in candidates for open roles