Doubling Computer Science Grads in NYC

By 2022 NYC will double the number of New Yorkers graduating from public colleges with bachelor’s degrees who are ready to compete for entry-level jobs in the field through the CS Doubling Initiative.

NYC is committed to delivering quality tech talent for NYC businesses. 



the Initiative

In his first State of the City Address, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a vision for a thriving and inclusive NYC tech ecosystem fueled by homegrown talent. Delivering on this vision requires a comprehensive pipeline – one that builds on a strong K-12 foundation with a quality network of local colleges equipped to prepare New Yorkers for tech jobs at NYC businesses. 
In support of this goal, the City has announced a commitment to double the number of New Yorkers graduating with tech degrees from public colleges who are equipped with the skills and experience needed to compete for entry-level jobs in tech.

Designed and delivered in partnership with industry and academia, this initiative will help build a pipeline of diverse tech talent from the City’s public education system, delivering quality jobs for New Yorkers across the five boroughs and quality talent for NYC businesses. The model, which builds on the work of the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline Academic Council, will support student success and preparedness for tech careers by expanding access to industry aligned instruction, knowledgeable advisors, and relevant work experience.

The initiative continues Mayor de Blasio's Equity and Excellence agenda that features a historic commitment to expand access to meaningful high-quality computer science education for all NYC public school students through Computer Science for All. 

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The commitment includes an investment in new faculty lines to Computer Science departments, creating the Tech in Residence Corps pilot to bring industry professionals into the classroom, and leveraging Federal Work Study to fund Teaching Assistant positions for computer science students. 

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The initiative will support advising for computer science majors including hiring new advisors with knowledge of the tech ecosystem to advise students on academics and career pathways in tech. 

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Through expanded internship programs, co-op programs, and work study programs students will build the real world experience they need to be competitive for jobs in tech.