Industry leaders from 60+ companies have reviewed RFPs, evaluated and shaped curricula, assessed potential talent, and trained program teams to effectively support the development, delivery and evaluation of new and expanded programs designed to equip candidates for 21st century jobs. It is through these investments that the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline and its partners define what works, align training and education solutions throughout the city, and deliver quality jobs for New Yorkers and quality talent for New York’s businesses. 


CUNY Tech Prep is an industry-designed course for computer science majors in the CUNY senior college system. Developed and delivered with the CUNY Institute for Software Design and Development and industry leaders, CUNY Tech Prep provides students with an opportunity to learn applied skills at no cost through an intensive 8-week, java-based, full-stack web application development sprint, followed by a semester of additional project-based coursework and a connection to tech jobs post-graduation.


TTP Residency provides exposure to professional opportunities in tech for computer science majors. The program begins with a four-week training on building web applications and workplace skills delivered on campus by the New York Code + Design Academy. Upon completion of the training, participants begin a paid internship at leading NYC businesses in web and mobile developer roles and connection to job opportunities post-graduation. TTP Residency is currently offered to students at Hunter College and Lehman College.  


The Tech Talent Pipeline is excited to launch the NYC Web Development Fellowship with three new training providers - Fullstack Academy, General Assembly and New York Code + Design Academy. Offered free of cost to eligible applicants, the NYC Web Development Fellowship programs will prepare New Yorkers to launch a new career as a front end, backend or full stack web developer. 

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