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Learn more about working with our team to deliver the next generation of tech talent for NYC businesses. 

From the high school grad completing a tech bootcamp, to the college student taking her first course on data structures, to the stay-at-home mom accessing the command line for the first time, NYC has a wide spectrum of talent preparing to launch careers in tech. There are hundreds of NYC companies that employ tech talent and thousands of open jobs  posted each year.

It is clear that companies have a difficult time accessing qualified tech talent that meets their needs and candidates have a difficult time connecting to open roles. Our team has been working to solve this problem by working with companies to better identify their needs and surfacing local talent with these in-demand skills

We know that a resume only shows part of the picture, a cover letter only contains part of the story, and whiteboarding does not always showcase potential. How can we help businesses validate the skills of emerging talent while also ensuring  that candidates are prepared to  compete for open roles? How can we highlight the best training providers and educators that are delivering quality talent, but have a difficult time connecting to companies that do not know where to look?

With your help.

We’re so thrilled to be expanding our team to help more businesses find and hire local tech talent, while also helping New Yorkers connect to the jobs they’ll love.

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