Data Summit

This document summarizes several high-level takeaways that emerged from the May 2018 Data Summit. 


Key Takeaways

May 2018

On May 14, 2018, the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline (TTP) held a Data Summit at Etsy, bringing together local tech education and training providers from eleven organizations and 20 industry advisors. In a series of focused conversations, accelerated training providers and faculty met with data scientists, data analysts, and other data professionals from local companies to discuss current and proposed data-focused courses and what industry looks for in entry-level employees.

This Key Takeaways document summarizes the common areas that employers identified for improvement across programs. TTP encourages data-focused training and education providers across the city to review and incorporate this feedback as useful.

Thank you to all the industry professionals who attended the Data Summit and provided insight to inform NYC tech education and training programs including: 

Alex Clark, Alexandra Pappas, Ann Kidder, Carol Wright, Cullen O'Neil, Dan Morris, Donald Stevens, Douglas Gordin, Esther Kundin, Gabrielle Gianelli, Gerald van den Berg, Grant Long, Ian Vonseggern, Jason Motylinski, Josh Schwartz, Juan Benitez, Marcello Oliva, Max Sklar, Michael Lombard, Nellwyn Thomas, Rob Cimino, Royce Kok, Talgat Mussin, and Vishwa Bhuta.