Key Practices for Accelerated Tech Training


Across NYC’s thriving tech ecosystem, businesses rely on technical talent to help their companies start, grow, and succeed. Yet employers within, and beyond, NYC report difficulties finding qualified candidates to keep up with their ever-evolving demand for talent. 

In response to this demand, tech-focused accelerated education programs have stepped in to equip and deliver talent to meet NYC industry needs and prepare residents for 21st century jobs. Though not a universal pathway to all in-demand tech occupations, accelerated programs have helped hundreds of Tech Talent Pipeline graduates and other New Yorkers to secure jobs at leading tech companies across the five boroughs. 

As demand for qualified talent continues to grow, New York City needs educators that are prepared to reliably deliver a broader pool of students into tech jobs. To help achieve this goal, TTP is sharing 12 key practices that promise to improve connections to tech careers for a broader student body, delivering successful results for bootcamps, students, and employers alike.


TTP looks forward to highlighting educators that commit to adopting these practices and improving job outcomes for students. Let us know what practices you already support, which others you would like to adopt, and what you might need in order to do so.


TTP celebrates the many NYC companies that already have found the qualified talent they need as a result of these new sources. Contact us to share your feedback and learn more about how your firm can connect to qualified homegrown tech talent.                              


Use the “What To Look For” sections of this publication as you consider potential programs, and be sure to visit to learn more about how you can launch your career in tech.